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ABsat/XXL Tout

Price: 114  Euro

ABsat/XXL Tout


ABSat broadcasts on Hot Bird 4 and Hot Bird 5 (Super Beam) in Viaccess or Mediaguard encryption. Official 12 month viewing cards

ABSat is France's first ever digital broadcaster, since its launch it has been a firm name for quality satellite viewing. The first dedicated digital European hardcore porn channel XXL has made a real name for ABSat and is made available to both subscribers of rival packages Canal Numberique and Television Par Satellite. All smartcards are 100% official and guaranteed for 12 months viewing. Our cards are available for immediate delivery and offer exceptional value for money

Package Includes:

An official smartcard for access to the channels of ABSat France. This smartcard includes BASIQUE channels: RTL9 (General Entertainment), AB 1* (General Entertainment), ENCYCLOPEDIA (Documentaries), FIT TV (Fitness), TOUTE L'HISTOIRE (Documentaries), MANGAS (Children), ANIMAUX (Nature), TERRA NOVA (Documentaries), RFM TV (Music), ZIK* (Black Music). Plus, THEMATIQUE channels: ESCALE* (Documentaries), AB MOTEUR* (Motorsport), MUSIQUE CLASSIQUE (Music), ACTION (General Entertainment), CHASSE ET PÊCHE (Hunting), XXL* (Erotic - includes 2 hardcore films each night). 4 add-on film channels are included: CINE BOX, CINE POLAR, CINE FX, CINE COMIC.


- 12 month official smartcard

- Encrypted in VIACCESS II or MediaGuard

- Broadcasting via Hot Bird at 13 degrees east

- Transponder 11.681 / 12.692 GHz H

- Symbol Rate 27500, FEC 3/4

To view this package you will require a 60 to 80cm dish with Universal LNB, and a digital set-top box with VIACCESS in-built or Common Interface set-top box with VIACCESS CI CAM or and a digital set-top box with MediaGuard in-built or Common Interface set-top box with an Aston CI CAM. v1.05



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